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From Sky, Owner of Unitas: Why We Do What We Do.

I started screen printing because I loved creating. Screen printing was tactile, it was messy, it was raw, but it created beautiful final products.

I fell in love with it.

But beyond the creativity and artistic culture inherent to printing, what kept me coming back over and over again and fuels me to this day is the fact that screen printing brings people together.

Every single shirt we print for business, brands, bands, events, etc. is worn by a person who is a part of a community they care about.

With a custom shirt, they are able to express to the world that they are a part of something bigger; something they care about.

Creating that experience for people will never get old.

That's why when I started Unitas I wanted to start a company that exemplified that feeling of community, and cared about community.

That's why every shirt is printed by a human being, with thoughts, feelings, and emotions. I think there's something special about that.

And I hope you think so too.


All of the garments we print on are WRAP Certified for Ethical and Environmental Standards

We have an official Allmade wholesale relationship.

Choose our "Eco-Premium" Option.

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