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custom screen printing that brings your community together.


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we print apparel and more for bands, brands, events, businesses, and creatives of all kinds.

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CEO, Print Lead

Detail oriented and dedicated to excellence. Experience in screen printing, design, and brand development.



Print Assistant, Lead Design

Talented designer specializing in one and two color graphic design. Experience in screen printing and graphic design.

Why us?

  • We have experience in every phase of the brand development and printing process.

  • We care about creating community more than anything else.​

  • We offer free delivery within 10 miles of 49506, or, if you are outside that range, we will meet you halfway!

  • Full open communication from pre-production to delivery. All correspondence will be responded to within 24 hours, 7 days a week, guaranteed.



"Speed. Customer service. Affordability. These are the top 3 reasons I trust [Unitas Screenprinting] when I need a lot of shirts in a tight time frame! Sky was very accommodating and easy to work with in finalizing the design and adjusting to last minute changes."

— Claire Murashima, Organizer, Calvin Dance Marathon

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why we do what we do

People print custom shirts to bring their community together. Whether they have a brand, band, business, or event, people want everyone in their group to be wearing the same thing around town, in the office, at their events, at their band concert, or on social media. 

That's why our mission is to create quality products that bring people together to do big things. That's why our name is Unitas. The definition of Unitas is the state of being one and undivided. Unity. Togetherness. That's what community is all about!

Every order that comes into our shop is printed by human beings, not heartless, faceless, mindless machines. Because we can't say we care about your community without caring for our local community in the form of fulfilling, well-paying jobs.


Every shirt we print on is WRAP certified to meet high ethical and environmental standards; because we can't say we care about your community without in turn caring for the communities in the countries where your garments are made.


Every chemical we use is among the most environmentally friendly in the industry; because we can't say we care about your community while dumping waste into our local community's waterways.

When we say we care, we mean it. And we would love the opportunity to prove it to you.

what are you waiting for? let's bring your ideas to life.

All of the garments we print on are WRAP Certified for Ethical and Environmental Standards

We have an official Allmade wholesale relationship.

Choose our "Eco-Premium" Option.

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